Here's just a small sample of the types of challenges that we are taking on with the next generation of emerging technologies.

Water Quality.jpg

Water quality management

Water quality, even here in the US, is a BIG issue.  Outdated methods of monitoring water quality can be hit or miss and generally lack real time analysis in order to understand the impact to the population at large and local environment.  Serengeti Labs is working with local government and environmental groups to develop new approach to monitoring and managing water quality to protect this precious resource for generations to come.


Sports Tech 1.jpg

human performance optimization

Is it possible to become Superhuman?  While we're not sure about that, Serengeti Labs is working with sports teams and clubs to enhance athletic performance of their athletes.  Whether it's monitoring their 'vitals' in real time, understanding the bio-mechanics behind their movement or providing real world simulations to challenge even their best performers - Serengeti is helping coaches and athletes push the envelope of what's possible in the competitive arena.